Alan Hardy

Experienced Artificer, Focused Practitioner


Initiative: 3 (Alertness)

Character: Alan Hardy
Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept: Experienced Artificer
Trouble: Not As Young As I Once Was
Refresh: 8 Base, 2 remaining
Aspects: I Was Born In This Town (And I’m Gonna Die Here), Experience is the Best Teacher, Old Fashioned, Stop and Think A Minute, Master of His craft

Superb (5) Lore
Great (
4) Weapons Discipline
Good (3) Conviction Alertness
Fair (
2) Resources Presence Athletics
Average (+1) Deceit Craftsmanship Endurance Investigation Scholarship

[-3] Thaumaturgy (Specialization: Crafting Strength)
[-1] Refinement (+1 Crafting Frequency, +1 Crafting Strength)
[-1] Refinement (2 Focus Items)
[-1] Refinement (2 Focus Items)
[-0] Wizard’s Constitution

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () () ()
Social: () () ()

Any Mild (-2) Consequence: ()
Any Moderate (-4) Consequence: ()
Any Major (-6) Consequence: ()
Any Extreme (-8) Consequence: ()

Focus Item: Sunglasses (+2 Crafting Strength)
Enchanted Item: Bowie Knife (Base is Weapon:2) – Weapon:9, 2/session
Enchanted Item: Reinforced Leather Jacket (Base is Armor:1) – Block:8, 3/session
Enchanted Item: Lighter (uses Weapon) – Places the Frostbitten Aspect on a Zone (works on up to +5 Endurance, lasts 2 exchanges, 3/session)
Enchanted Item: Handcuffs (uses Weapon) – Offensive Block, as grapple against attack/maneuver opposed by Might, 5 shifts for effect, 3 for duration, 3/session
4 Potion Slots
-Gum Sticks (Armor:8, 1 exchange, 3 uses)


Phase One – Where did you come from? (Background)
Alan was born in the newly-established Las Vegas back in 1905, and has spent most of his life there. He’s recently been out of town for a few years (a misunderstanding with one of House Skavis necessitated this), but with the Skavis’ unfortunate death he has recently returned to the city. Alan thinks of the city as ‘his’ and is working to (somewhat) clean up the place.

Aspect: I Was Born In This Town (And I’m Gonna Die Here) – Las Vegas has been his home his entire life (even when he wasn’t living there). Alan knows or has heard of most supernaturals in town, and they know about him.

Phase Two – What shaped you? (Rising Conflict)
You name it, and Alan’s done it. He knows the best place to stab a troll, the most likely place a ghoul goes to hide, and the best way to track a Red Court Vampire.

Aspect: Experience Is The Best Teacher – Alan can call upon his experience to make sure he gets the job done. However, if you want to get experienced, sometimes you have to make mistakes, and Alan is willing to let others make those mistakes even if it might be dangerous.

Phase Three – What was your first adventure? (The Story)
His return to Las Vegas, soon after the death of Lawrence Skavis, was seen as suspicious by some of the members of House Skavis, who believe he might have secretly arranged for her death. Of course, Alan would never do such a thing – if he’s going to kill you, he’s going to do it to your face – but that doesn’t mean they believe his protests of innocence. Alan must now prove that he did not kill Lawrence, by finding out who did.

Aspect: Old Fashioned – Alan is an old fashioned kind of guy. He prefers a stand up fight to a stab in the back, and would never hit a woman. This reputation for fairness and plain dealing has served him well in the past (and bit him on the ass just as many times)

Phase Four – Guest Starring with Father Raul Lears
“If you’re gonna go after a Red, you’re gonna need something to keep it off you long enough to get in a good shot. Personally, on a defensive front I’ve always favored a solid earth hardening to absorb the blow, but blasting it away with a burst of air ain’t bad either. Now, some people like their focuses to be something small you can carry around easy and hide. On the other hand, I’ve always preferred items I can use both magically and non-magically – after a while, magic gets too exhausting to use, and it can be countered. On the other hand, a good blade or a thick jacket will always be there. Now, if you want both, I think I have just the thing…”

Aspect: Master of His Craft – Alan has been making items for a long time, and he knows exactly what to do to get the best use out of them. On the other hand, he’s never really quite trusted items that he didn’t make himself.

Phase Five – Guest Starring with Mike Powers
“They’re vampires, Mike – a kind of them, anyway. They feed off of negative emotions – lust, despair, greed. And they run the city. If you keep going the way you’re going, you’re gonna get yourself killed, and I won’t be able to do anything about it. Sometimes you have you to stop and think a minute a bit rather than go charging in.

Aspect: Stop and Think a Minute – Alan, having been around for a while, has seen quite a bit and heard about even more. Give him some time to think, and he can probably figure out something. On the other hand, it can be difficult to remember something when a ghoul is trying to eat your face or while on the run.

Alan Hardy

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