Bigby Thurgood


Character: Bigby Orion Luna Thurgood
Template: White Council Apprentice (swap thaumaturgy for ritual ectomancy)
High Concept: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Trouble: Just a Poor Boy (from a Poor Family)
Refresh: 8 base, 1 remaining
Aspects: I see Dead People, Sticky Fingers, Curiosity Killed the Childsnatcher

Superb (+ 5):
Great (+ 4) : Conviction, Deceit, Discipline
Good(+ 3): Investigation, Stealth, Alertness
Fair (+ 2): Lore, Rapport, Athletics
Average(+ 1) : Endurance, Empathy, Presence

Evocation ( Spirit/Force, Air, Fire)
Specialty: +1 Power Spirit/Force
Ritual( Ectomancy )
The Sight
Wizard’s Constitution

PickPocket (YS 151)

Lucky Fighting Irish/Notre Dame Cap – +1 Power and Control Spirit/Force
2 Ritual Focus Item Slots

Physical ( ) ( ) ( )
Mental ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
Social ( ) ( ) ( )

You Can’t See Me:
Spirit Veil Shift 5 Requires Lucky Cap
Opposed by Alertness Skill
Duration: 1 Exchange
Effect: Renders the caster invisible

You Can’t Touch Me:
Fire Block Shift 4
Duration: 1 Exchange
Effect: Creates a roiling wall of fire in an arc in front of the caster, anything entering the fire is melted before it can pass through


Sticky fingers.
The love child of a pair of hippies (at least he might be their kid) he grew up in a commune. Named after the position of the moon when he was born. In the commune everyone shared everything that wasn’t nailed down and anything that could be pried up with a crowbar wasn’t nailed down. Even after years as a no-nonsense old geezer’s apprentice, he still has trouble remembering that things in other people’s pockets don’t belong to him. At least that’s what he says on the rare occasions he is caught.

I see dead people.
Able to see ghosts from an early age, he was constantly hounded by spectral visitors jumping out of shadows and rattling chains under his bed. Others floated mournfully nearby until he helped resolve their problems. After years of this, ‘Granma’ Nora, a medium living in the commune, realized that he could really see ghosts. She had a marginal talent, and in addition to teaching him some control of his powers, she taught him the tricks she used to fool her customers into believing she could talk to their relatives. A warden stopping by to check up on her noticed him and whisked him away to be trained as a full wizard. As part of his training he helped a lot of ghosts and is owed an impressive number of favors by members of the spectral community.

Story Title: Perilous Youth
Aspect: Curiosity killed the Childsnatcher
Bored of endless lessons, he unceremoniously left his master’s home by hopping on the nearest bus to anywhere and ended up in Las Vegas. There his curiosity quickly led him
through an employees only door in the Rio. While wandering the back hallways he spies on 5 high school students gambling away their youth to a tall elegant woman whose breath frosts, even in the pleasantly warm room, as it rolls off her ruby red lips. Can he rescue the kids and get them all out of the casino before they literally throw the rest of their lives away on the next roll of the dice?

Bigby Thurgood

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