Bishop Walters


Character: Bishop Walters
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept: DRESDEN Agent
Trouble: The More You Know
Refresh: 10 base, 5 remaining
Aspects: 95% From Concentrate, We Don’t Officially Exist, Super-Human Enhancements, Out of this World Gear, King Takes Pawn

Superb (5): Scholarship
Great (4): Discipline
Good (3): Resources, Conviction, Rapport
Fair (2): Investigation, Athletics, Burglary, Presence
Average (+1): Guns, Endurance, Stealth, Contacts

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () () ()
Social: () () ()

Mild Consequences (-2): ()
Moderate Consequences (-4): ()
Major Consequences (-6): ()
Extreme Consequences (-8): ()

[-1]Mind Over Matter: The DRESDEN implants were painful, but worth it in the long run. They allow you to remotely access or control electronics in the same zone as yourself (No ‘no-tools’ penalty)

[-1]Increase Power: Spend a Fate Point to increase Mind Over Matter range to include objects one zone away

[-1]Requisition Form G-387 In addition to the vast resources working for a Black-Book agency allows you access to, there’s always something extra that isn’t covered under the normal mission plan (Are we going to need a tank?).
Spend a Fate Point to get +2 to a Resource roll

[-1] Top Clearance: Hello there, I’m from [insert agency here]. Working for a non-existent entity means you work for any government department you want, at any level you want, and have the Official Credentials to prove it.
Add +2 to Rapport rolls

[-1]The DRESDEN Archive: Some say Al Gore invented the internet, others say it’s a series of tubes. In reality, it was a civilian offshoot of the DRESDEN’s attempt to make a computerized equivalent of the magical Archive. With modern microchips, the DRESDEN Archive Unit allows remote access to the DRESDEN Archive from anywhere. Anywhere.
+2 to a Scholarship Declaration roll

DRESDEN .357 Modified Revolver
DRESDEN Archive Unit
Lab Coat
Scrambled Satellite Phone
“Lucky” 1966 Half-dollar coin


Where did you come from?
I grew up in a normal, suburban town. My parents were an M.D and a Ph.D. which gave me some great genes and I never really had to try in school, it just came naturally. I never wanted to do the whole skip-a-grade thing so I entered college at 18, but by 24 had 2 Masters Degrees and my first Ph.D.

Whenever I put my mind towards accomplishing something, it was extremely rare for me to fail. However, working that hard with such fervor sometimes led me to neglect other aspects of my life.
Aspect: 95% From Concentrate

What shaped you?
The day I graduated was one of my parent’s proudest days. At the congratulations party, a man approached me and told me ridiculous things. He claimed supernatural creatures such as Faeries, Vampires, and Trolls were real and that magic was a real entity capable of having an actual effect on things. I of course didn’t believe him, until he showed me the surveillance videos from Chicago. Some local private-eye creating fireballs, stopping bullets with a leather trench coat, and riding a fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex. How could I disbelieve my eyes?

He then told me he worked for the Department for the Research and Experimentation of Supernatural, Demonic, and Extra-Normal creatures, or as he called it, DRESDEN. Ironically named for the private-eye, the first concrete proof of magic that had been discovered. Their purpose: to advance science to the point where it would give us equal abilities to those that magicals have.

To advance science to this point, we were given access to the blackest of budgets and resources that one could hardly imagine. Of course being black book means the head brass doesn’t like it when public exposure rises over the minimum necessary.
Aspect: We Don’t Officially Exist

What was your first story?
I worked for 8 years in the lab at Area 51. Yes, that Area 51. Using technology from artifacts left behind by advanced alien races, we made incredible strides, including the DRESDEN Archive. Everyone, including the lab geeks was required to go through Agent training so that we knew how to handle ourselves when put into the field. My line of research was artificial implants to allow for extra-human abilities and I had just finished the 4th line of prototypes when I started my training. I finished the obstacle course in record time by using the implants to fine tune my muscle contractions for extra speed and strength (I also may have remotely lowered my time on the clock by 3 seconds). Seemed my research has paid off.

With a combination of my implants and the standard, time-tested equipment, who knows what I could be capable of? I should have caught most of the kinks…I hope.
Aspect: Super-Human Enhancements

Guest Starring in Kenneth Raith’s Story
Aspect: Out of this World Gear
The alien tech the DRESDEN equipment is based on is not affected by weak-to-moderate magical use/presences

Guest Starring in Fr Raul Lear’s Story
Aspect: King Takes Pawn
Years of playing chess have honed Bishop’s strategic skills so that he’s able to see ten moves ahead. But winning the battle means that sometimes a pawn must be sacrificed.

Bishop Walters

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