Fr. Raul Lears, S.J.

High Concept Aspect: Jesuit Evocator


Character: Fr. Raul Lears, S.J.
High Concept Aspect: Jesuit Evocator
Template: CUSTOM
Trouble Aspect: Hiding In Plain Sight
Refresh: 8 Base, 1 Remaining
Aspects: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Student of the Council, Baptized By Fire, Secret Fire, Holy Diver

Superb (+ 5) Lore, Discipline
Great (+ 4) Conviction, Rapport
Good (+ 3) Endurance, Weapons
Fair (+ 2) Athletics, Scholarship
Average (+ 1) Presence, Alertness

(- 3) Evocation (Air, Earth, Spirit) [Spec: Earth Power + 1]
-Focus Item
-Enchanted Item
-Enchanted Item
(- 2) Righteousness
(- 1) Holy Touch
(+ 0) Wizard’s Constitution

(- 1) Conviction: Devout Words

Elemental Rod (Sword-Cane) [Focus Item, Air Defense Power +1]
Saint’s Bracer [Enchanted Item x2, Weapon:5, Force, 3 Uses]

Rote Spells

  • Rote Spell 1: Divinus Fulmin (Earth Attack, Weapon:5, 5 Shifts)

  • Rote Spell 2: Contego Aeria (Air Block 5, 5 Shifts, Focus)

  • Rote Spell 3: Contego Momentum (Earth Block, Armor:2, Duration +1, 5 Shifts)

  • Rote Spell 4: Osse Spiritus (Spirit Veil 4, 4 Shifts)

  • Rote Spell 5: Ferrum Defendre (Earth Maneuver 3, Zone-Wide, 5 Shifts)

Stress and Consequences
Physical: () () () ()
Mental: () () () ()
Social: () () ()

Any Mild (- 2) Consequence: ()
Any Moderate (- 4) Consequence: ()
Any Major (- 6) Consequence: ()
Any Extreme (- 8) Consequence: ()


Story Phases:

Phase One – Where did you come from? (Background)

Not all men are born in circumstances of greatness- Jesus was born the son of a craftsman, after all. Raul was born to a common, middle class family with close ties to the Church; specifically, Raul’s father was a lay brother of the Society of Jesus. Working in an elementary school in southern Nevada, he raised Raul to have a healthy respect for the power of faith, as well as a solid dose of what he called ‘the Jesuit skepticism’. This has led to more than one crisis of faith for Raul, but the one, steady, constant belief that has sustained him through all his trials has been that God, through his creation of Man, wants to make the world a better place, not a darker one. (Aspect: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam)

Phase Two – What shaped you? (Rising Conflict)

Magic, like many things that can turn a young man’s life upside-down, comes in the teenage years. When a drunken driver leaps a highway barrier and threatens the life of Raul and one of his friends, the force barrier that saves his life raises new questions, questions that lead him to the doorstep of Father James Beck, and from there to a Wizard of the White Council. Magos Bure taught him what he needed; control, calm. He also taught many other things he felt a mage should know, chief among them how to fight without any magic at all. Long years spent under his apprenticeship forged him into a steadfast combat mage. (Aspect: Student of the Council)

Phase Three – What was your first adventure? (The Story)

With the discovery that magic is a real force, it shouldn’t have surprised Raul to learn that demons and monsters also exist. A minor nobleman of the Red Court, longtime enemy of his mentors Fr. Beck and Magos Bure, has decided to use to the new war against the White Council as a chance to settle old scores, and it falls to Raul, newly joined as a Brother of the Society of Jesus, to oppose the Red Lord and save his mentors’ lives. (Aspect: Baptized By Fire)

Phase Four: Guest Starring with Bishop Walters

“As soon as The Man From DRESDEN arrived, I knew he would either be trouble, or cause it. Dresden himself would see to it somehow, if nothing else, and having him suddenly arrive in town was one of my recurring nightmares. I almost wish Bure had never told me about him.”

“He was after the Raiths, or one of them, anyway. I don’t know what he wanted from the damned soul, but he must have made his intent obvious, because a few days after his arrival, while I was passing a Raith-owned bar off the Strip, I saw him just outside. One of the creatures was after him, and would likely have enthralled him straight away if he hadn’t somehow resisted. But when he passed out, he gave me a clear line of sight, which I made use of. Even Raiths must give way to electricity, and between the bolt and my skills, the creature was driven off.”

“I took him back to the Chapel of Our Lady In The Desert. The place had been built for several more priests than it had, and I’d converted the unused rooms to guest rooms. He took most of a day to recover, and in that he was fortunate; if she’d been able to actually feed on him, he likely would be lost for good. But as he recovered, we talked a bit. He wouldn’t reveal his reasons for being here, but he did accept my offer of a place to stay.”

“He loved chess. We had a beautiful set; it’d been given to my father by another lay-Brother of the order, who’d gotten it from a monk. I hadn’t played in a while, but as we played, I was able to learn some things about him, as he was from me. The council had heard of various governmental organizations out to study magic, so it was no surprise one would be interested in Vegas, which was a White Court stronghold. He knew that faith could affect vampires (though the White Court was much less affected by this than the Red or Black), and allowed me to accompany him on a later excursion. I had to take care of some guns and some bullets with a few bits of Ferromancy, but I was able to disguise the casting. One of the benefits of not setting everything on fire to solve my problems.”

“After he left town from that mission, he came back several times. He was better prepared after the first mission, but I always offered him sanctuary. More than once, he needed it.”(Aspect: Secret Fire.)

Phase Five: Guest Starring with Robert Parker

“A strange man with a dagger coming into town is in itself a noteworthy event. When you first meet him in a fight a few blocks down from your church? That’s divine intervention.”

“I didn’t know why he was in a fight with the local Harper goons, but I have a thing about fair fights and evening the odds. He was fast, faster than any man I’d ever seen, but he was outnumbered. When I saw the blade in his hand, though, I knew. He shone with Light, with purpose. So when I saw one of the goons lining up for a shot, I relieved him of his weapon.”

“The fight was a bit more even, but it was still a close thing. A few lucky shots from one of the goons forced me to use an obvious magical block, but I’m not sure he noticed, since a few moments later he was being relieved of his head. The other vampires fled before us, and I took that opportunity to invite the stranger within the walls of the Chapel.”

“While he was gone the next day, he and I crossed paths a few times after that, and every time, it was as though some hand had guided us together. I learned very little about his vendetta against the Harper regime, but I learned a lot about his combat style. And I learned to follow that feeling in my gut; it nearly always led me to him.” (Aspect: Holy Diver.)

Aspect Explanations:

Jesuit Evocator: As a professed member of the Society, Raul has responsibilities to fulfill, and vows to uphold. He also has the resources of the Church in times of trouble, so long as he fulfills the Society’s missions of social justice and spiritual development. This also means he must strive to keep his magic concealed; the last thing anyone in Rome would ever want is for some tabloid to start running stories on the ‘Catholic Wizard of Las Vegas’.

Hiding In Plain Sight: Raul, as a member of a functioning parish, must maintain a fairly visible existence. It would be very difficult (and quickly noticed) for him to lay low for an extended period of time. This means his enemies can find him fairly easily. Fortunately, this also makes him a valued member of the community, and aids him in his dealings with groups such as the city’s mortal authorities.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: Meaning ‘For the Greater Glory of God’, AMDG is the guiding reason behind all a Jesuit does. Raul does the things he does (the dangerous, deadly, often fire and gunshot-filled things) because by doing so he opposes evil. His ministry may not be heavy on turning any cheeks, but it definitely brings the Sword in place of peace.

Student of the Council: Raul has had several amiable dealings with the Council, helping the occasional Warden with a mission, or calling on them to study some piece of lore. He has occasionally gotten into trouble this way (the Council has no shortage of enemies these days), but so long as the Council does not ask him to break his vows or leave the Society, he is content to be their ally.

Baptized By Fire: Raul has seen combat, both magical and mundane. He’s also known to some rather potent groups of enemies; the Red Court (and by extension, the White, whose spies undoubtedly have better information on Raul than the Reds do), several demons of varying power levels, and undoubtedly others. For now, his skills and the walls of the Church are enough to protect him.

Secret Fire: Raul is capable of working magic unobtrusively, if the situation calls for it. Not all spells are capable of being cast in this fashion; it’s hard to make a lightning bolt subtle.

Holy Diver: Raul will jump into nearly any sort of situation if the cause is just, and has become quite adept at entering such fights to maximum effect. This has the tendency to get him into trouble, however.

Rote Spell Descriptions:

Divinus Fulmin (Earth Attack, Weapon:5, 5 Shifts): By manipulating magnetism and static charges in the earth, Raul launches a bolt of focused electrical energy at an opponent.

Contego Aeria (Air Block 5, 5 Shifts, Focus): A simple application of air currents to redirect or nullify an attack, this spell is Raul’s go-to for quick, solid defense.

Contego Momentum (Earth Block, Armor:2, Duration +1, 5 Shifts): By establishing a localized change in gravity, Raul can deflect nearly any attack, even if only partially.

Osse Spiritus (Spirit Veil 4, 4 Shifts): Though Raul has yet to be able to master the art of making veils that can be seen through, the occasional need for a quick disappearance has led him to develop this spell, for times he needs to be unseen.

Ferrum Defendre (Earth Maneuver 3, Zone-Wide, 5 Shifts): A wide-area alteration in magnetism and gravity can throw men off balance, or toss their weapons aside.

Fr. Raul Lears, S.J.

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