Kenneth Raith

White Court Vampire on a Diet


Character: Kenneth Raith
Template: White Court
High Concept: Diet White
Trouble: Taste of Darkness
Refresh: 8 Starting, 1 Current
Aspects: All in the Family, The Abyss Stares Back, What Have I Become?, Know Thine Enemy, Wheels within Wheels
Initiative: +6 = Alertness + 2, Inhuman Speed + 4


Great + 4: Athletics, Might, Discipline
Good + 3: Presence, Deceit, Weapons
Fair + 2: Endurance, Alertness, Conviction
Average + 1: Intimidation, Stealth, Lore


Emotional Vampire [-1]
Human Guise [-0]
Incite Emotion (Lust, touch only) [-1]
Feeding Dependancy [ + 1]
-Inhuman Recovery [-2] Catch of True Love [+0]
-Inhuman Speed [-2]
-Inhuman Strength[-2]


Physical: ()()()
Mental: ()()()
Social: ()()()()
Hunger: ()()()()

Any Mild (-2) Consequence: ()
Any Moderate (-4) Consequence: ()
Any Major (-6) Consequence: ()
Any Extreme (-8) Consequence: ()


Pistol [+ 2]
Various Knives [+ 1]
Sword [+ 2]


Fancy Car
Wardrobe that costs more than most people make in a year
A liquor cabinet full of ‘The Good Stuff’


High Concept and Trouble

High Concept: Diet White – A White Court Vampire who has ‘seen the light’ as it were, and I desire to be as close to mortal as possible again, or at least not be a ‘monster’ anymore.

Trouble: Taste of Darkness – While wanting to be mortal again is a noble goal, I’ve seen the darkest parts of my soul, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Not falling back into those habits is a constant struggle, especially in the target rich environment that is Las Vegas.

Where did you come from?

I came from privilege. My family was rich, we had servants, a nice house, fancy cars, everything you could ever want. Except, of course, a family that truly loved you, and didn’t just see you as a pawn in their games. Sure, my siblings and I got along, and there is ‘love’ there that prevents them from just straight up killing each other most of the time, I was blissfully unaware of this growing up.

I thought my family was happy, but strict, and they made every care to hide the truth from me. After all, if I knew what was going to happen to me, I would have done everything in my power to stop it… But I didn’t, and I couldn’t.

There must have been some kind of internal struggle going on, because halfway through high school I was shipped off to a boarding school. I think it was a sibling trying to save me from what I might become, but it didn’t work out so well. I made friends, enjoyed myself and was able to find out a little bit who ‘me’ was, at least until a sibling’s death brought me home again.

All in the Family – While my family disagrees with my choices to not feed as I once did, they still monetarily support me, and I still will help them when they call upon me. Of course, they also seem to like tempting me…

What shaped you?

They say the longer you stare into the abyss, the longer it stares into you. Well, I’ve stared into the abyss every time I look in the mirror, since shortly before my eighteenth birthday. I had been dating someone for about six months, and in my young mind it was love. With what I know now, it probably wasn’t, but maybe it could have been. I’ll never know, because my father wasn’t going to take the risk.

It was set up so I was invited to a party at a ‘friend of the family’s’, and there between the alcohol, the music, and the atmosphere, I ended up in a back room with some girl, and they ended up dead and I ended up changed. I don’t even remember her name…

After the customary panic, and after things were explained to me, I found that I enjoyed this. I reveled in it. I could walk into a bar and make every woman want me, and every little fantasy that I could imagine I could make come true. I was a predator in a $1000 suit.

The Abyss Stares Back – The Shadow isn’t the only one who’s seen the darkness in the hearts of men. I know what it’s like to fight against one’s nature, and I know how to tempt those who might wish to give in to their dark side from my own struggles.

What was your first story?

I was a black hole, ripping light and life from the world, and I hadn’t even realized how far I’d fallen.

Eventually someone would come to collect on all the pain and misery I’d caused. I’d killed the wrong person, and someone in the know tracked me down. There was a fight, I was injured badly, but so was my opponent. And just as I was about to strike the death blow, I saw myself in her eyes. I was a monster, a terrible creature of death… And I spared her. Tossing aside my weapon I vowed to never become that creature again, and to be like I had been once more. And while I wasn’t sure such a thing is possible, I also vowed that I would do everything in my power to redeem myself of all the evil I had done.

And so I stopped feeding. I stopped getting into situations that would tempt my hunger, and found ways to spread out my feedings. Sure, I still have to take a little from people here and there, usually in dance clubs, but it’s just a bit of fatigue to them, and I don’t risk falling off the wagon again.

Granted, fighting off an addiction to my hunger like that has its side effects. I find myself partying far more often, and taking risks that I might not have before. I have…issues.

What Have I Become? – Because of my hatred of the monster I let myself become, and what I still have to fight off from doing, I often give in to other vices and make stupid decisions because, deep down, I hate myself. Of course, it’s not all bad. It also gives me motivation to try and redeem myself.

Guest Starring in Robert Parker’s Story

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just goes wrong? Well, I have. More than I’d like to remember, really. But since we’re sharing and all, well, here goes. I’d been following a monster of the more human variety. Someone had been stalking and assaulting the girls that worked in one of the family owned clubs. So of course it was set to me to take care of it. Find the person, get rid of them, and hopefully fall back into bad habits in the process.

Well I’d managed the first part of that so far. I’d been following the trail, and eventually come across one of the girls, and a man holding a smallish sword, or perhaps a large dagger. So of course I’d thought it was him, and not that he’d just rescued the girl.

“Let her go. I know what you’ve been doing.” I ‘gallantly’ stepped between the man with the blade, and the frightened girl. She was hurt, and scared, and for whatever reason didn’t say something like ‘he just helped me’. Maybe because I was pushing power, and it might have scared her a little bit. Whoops.

The man told me to back off, as he’d just saved her from someone working for my court hurting her, and figured I was there to drag her back into a life of slavery. It would be an amusing scene in a movie, less so in real life, what with the holy sword that was brandished.

I attacked, he defended, he attacked, I defended, and the fight went back and forth, no one scoring anything more than light hits… As a man of faith, he might say that the Lord was looking out for us. Me? I don’t think He looks out for monsters like me. Or good people, either, as I’d seen too many bad things happen to good people. Some of my family enjoyed the innocent a little too much, and with how they lied and tricked me before my change? Yeah.

Finally the girl made herself heard, screaming because as we were distracted, the original attacker had come back. We both realized our mistake, and I’d almost feel bad for the bastard with both of us bearing down on him.

It all worked out in the end.

Aspect: Know Thine Enemy – In my fight against my own demon, and my efforts to redeem myself, I’ve gathered quite a bit of information on the supernatural threats of my city. Of course, my knowledge isn’t complete by far, and I tend to trust what I think might happen a little bit more than what is happening… I’m a vampire and rich, ego comes with the territory.

Guest Starring in Alan Hardy’s Story

It seems that lately I’d been getting a lot of work. I’d ‘proven my worth’ with a couple of other little problems, and my family decided that I was the best person for these kind of jobs. I’m not sure if these jobs are just to keep me busy, or if they really are important to one of the many little schemes going on at any one time. It didn’t matter to the jobs themselves, but if I could figure out why, I could figure out how to use it…

Anyway, a Skavis had ended up dead, and they’d claimed some wizard type had done it. Personally I’d thought it an inside job, and even if it wasn’t, knowing who really had done it could potentially be leverage against someone. Yeah, wheels within wheels, plots within plots, ect ect.
As I didn’t have any leads on who might have done it, other than a pet theory or two, I’d started investigating the one that the Skavis said had done it, an Alan Hardy.

I’d followed him, watching to see what he was doing… And it turns out I’m not really that great at the whole investigating thing. Because while I’d thought I was watching him, he’d noticed me, and turned the tables a bit. After a bit of a standoff, we determined that we were both after the same thing. Not sure I trust him, and I know he doesn’t trust me, but we’re both working toward a common goal.
And having someone you can at least trust their motives can often be extremely useful.

Aspect: Wheels within Wheels – As a member of House Raith, intrigue is in my blood. I’ve got the ability to follow plots no matter how complicated. But at the same time, I’ll often look for the deeper plot, and not trust things at face value.

Wheels within Wheels – As a member of House Raith, intrigue is in my blood. I’ve got the ability to follow plots no matter how complicated. But at the same time, I’ll often look for the deeper plot, and not trust things at face value.

Kenneth Raith

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