Mike Powers

The Nicest Yet Most Badass Bouncer You've Met, Pure Mortal


Character: Mike Powers
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept: The Nicest Yet Most Badass Bouncer You’ve Ever Met
Trouble: What have I gotten myself into?
Refresh: 10 Base, 4 remaining
Aspects: Tell Me More I Feel Your Pain, Doesn’t Take Shit From Anyone, Protect Those In Need

Superb (5) Empathy Fists
Great (
4) Discipline Intimidation
Good (3) Might Alertness
Fair (
2) Endurance Athletics
Average (+1) Conviction Presence

[-1] Killer Blow: Add 3 to the damage of a Fists attack on a successful hit, once per scene,
for a fate point. This stacks with any other damage-increasing stunts for Fists.

[-1] Armed Arts: You are practiced with a small number of weapons as part of your martial arts training.
Pick two weapons which logically fit in with your training (nightstick and knife with cop training, for example).
You may use the Fists skill instead of Weapons when wielding these implements.

[-1] Read the Surface: You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them
(page 129). Your first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead of the usual
ten. Any subsequent efforts with the same person do not enjoy this beneft.

[-1] Footwork: You’re fast on your feet and have been in enough fistfights to know how to make
yourself a hard target. You may use Fists to dodge attacks instead of Athletics, in all the circumstances where Athletics might apply

[-1] On my Toes: Gain +2 to Alertness when using it to determine initiative.

[-1] Rule with Fear: Taking this stunt establishes that your reputation is based on how scared people are of you, far more than anything else. Use Intimidation instead of Presence whenever rolling to represent your reputation.

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () ()
Social: () () ()

Any Mild (-2) Consequence: ()
Any Moderate (-4) Consequence: ()
Any Major (-6) Consequence: ()
Any Extreme (-8) Consequence: ()

Big ass Sword
Knives, Cool Boot knife?
Shitty Pistol
Some kind of armor?
Crappy Car


Where did you come from?
My life was always good growing up, I had a good home with a family who loved me. Without conflict, I became a caring person, and kids and adults alike always commented on how my insight about people. I could always tell when someone was sad about something, and always talked it out with them. Everything went really well for me, and my good fortune allowed me to help others.
Aspect: Tell Me More I Feel Your Pain

What shaped you?
Unfortunately, sometimes being kind and perceptive isn’t enough. Sometimes that actually makes you a target, which I found out as adolescence came around. It was the first time I wasn’t able to sway someone with words, and the first time I got punched in the face. A senior punching a freshman, what a chump. That was probably the last time anyone ever got a solid hit on me again.

I learned it was no good wanting to help people who didn’t want to be helped, and it was no good wanting to help people when you didn’t have the strength to do so. So, I stood up to everyone. That didn’t go so well at first, but near the end of my first school year after a particular senior’s nose was shattered into pieces, it quickly became known that unless you wanted to have a fight on your hands, you didn’t fuck with Mike’s friends.

At the end of the day, let’s just say I had a lot of friends, and there wasn’t much bullying at my school during those remaining three years.
Aspect: Doesn’t Take Shit, From Anyone

What was your first story?
So, between my being able to sense who was full of shit or not, and my ability to beat the crap out of people when necessary, it turned out I was a pretty good bouncer. My reputation preceded me, and life was good. Generally people just wanted to have a good time, and if they got too rowdy I was able to figure out what was going down and talk things down, if they weren’t already scared shitless from me walking up to them. This one time though, I got a horrible vibe all of a sudden from a particular patron, and the woman he was with just didn’t look right. She was becoming sicker and sicker right before my eyes. I know now that there’s a lot of emotion in a club, and apparently that’s pretty much a feeding ground for.., vampires. I also know that vampires don’t like getting their shit kicked in just the same as regular people don’t. Unfortunately, Vampires have a lot more dangerous friends.

Now I don’t bounce people out of clubs, I like to think of myself as bouncing un-natural scum out of the natural life club. If I don’t, who’s going to?
Aspect: Protect Those In Need

Guest starring with Bishop Walters

Apparently word gets around when you find out about the supernatural. Within days of my first encounter (as far as I know) with the vampire at the club, I was approached by a rather nerdy looking man. He introduced himself as Bishop Walters, gave me the low-down on DRESDEN, and said he needed a hand getting some information. It was good to know that there were more people fighting the good fight and I was more than happy to help. however I was wrong with my initial impression. Nerd hardly covered it, the man was a genius, and there was even more to him but I couldn’t put my finger on what.

Regardless, eventually we found who Bishop was looking for, some young punk. Looked like he was in over his head, and if he wasn’t before, he was now. Bishop starts questioning him, and the kid starts throwing up this whole sob story, how he didn’t know why he was being questioned, blah blah blah. Typical garbage, you could tell just in tone of his voice that he was lying, the same way someone trying to get in a club swears that their ID isn’t fake. But despite his intelligence, Bishop bought the story. Luckily I was there with him.

In a flash, the kid’s up in the air. “I Know You’re Full Of Shit”, buddy. Start talking before I mess your face up so bad we all have to wait a month before you can start talking again." Bishop is surprised by my sudden outburst, but as I’m staring into the kids eyes, I know he’ll break. “Fine, fine, just put me down, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”
Aspect: I Know You’re Full Of Shit

Guest starring with Kenneth Raith

Learning that the world I knew was only part of what was going on in the world was a difficult thing to deal with. While figuring out what to do with myself, I decided to keep my ‘day’ job just a little longer. It was your typical Saturday night, the club had the usual long line of people waiting to get in. I noticed that someone was cutting the line from the back, but unlike the usual rage that accompanies such an action, everyone was happily moving out of the way. Something definitely wasn’t right.

The man walks up to me with a smile, but then again I suppose I’d be smiling too if my clothes were worth more than your average persons monthly salary. He said his name was Kenneth, and went to shake my hand. I shake it, looking into his eyes. VAMPIRE. There was no doubt about it. And this one was a whole other different league than the last, Kenneth would probably be able to throw me through the wall. If I looked surprised by the realization, he didn’t show it. I don’t think he would have expected me to know.., maybe all Vampires aren’t in the same circles it seems.

I keep my eye on him the entire night. He goes from woman to woman, dancing, generally being the life of the party. At one point while he was with a girl however, she gets a look on her face. Exactly the same as the last time I saw a vampire feed. I begin to go towards them, but suddenly, he stops whatever he is doing. She looks back to normal, and they continue dancing. He moves on to another woman, the same thing happens. I stare in disbelief, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Obviously this isn’t right… but he’s not actually hurting his victims?

Suddenly, his eyes shift to the other side of the club. I hear a scream, and if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Kenneth had sprinted, nearly impossible to track, to another area of the club, and a man who had pulled a gun was now a man with a shattered shoulder. Kenneth did good work. Too good, he could definitely throw me through a wall.

Moments later, me and the other bouncers are on them and the guy with the gun is being dragged out to meet the boys in blue. I notice Kenneth making a stealthy exit. I put my hand on his shoulder, and tell him I learned a lot from him tonight. He smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and I let him go. A guy like that I’m sure doesn’t want to be questioned by the police.

I suppose the moral of the story is just like the mundane world, the supernatural is full of Shades Of Grey. I only hope that I never cross the line to black.
Aspect: Shades Of Grey

Mike Powers

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