Robert Parker


Character: Robert Parker
Refresh: 8 base 4 remaining
High Concept Aspect: Hunter of the rich and monstrous
Trouble Aspect: The harpers have a ‘little’ beef with me.
Aspects: Not all about the money, trouble-shooter of the order of the luminous eagle, wielder of the blade of Aquila, Strike from the shadows,Deceitful to the core.

Item of Power (+2 refresh) Short Blade
Supernatural speed (-4)
Cloak of shadows (-1)
Holy (-0) This weapon is a powerful holy symbol in its own right. Its very touch is like holy water or that of a cross or other symbol of faith backed by the belief of the possessor. As such it can only be used when the intent of the wielder is good, however unlike the swords there is considerable leeway in how the blade allows its wielder to use it in undertaking these goals
Labyrinths of the mind (-1) ability to use deceit for mental defence whenever discipline would be used

Superb Deceit
Great Athletics Weapons
Good Contacts Resources
Fair Alertness Stealth Lore
Average Guns Conviction Driving Endurance Presence


Blade of Aquilla (weapon:2)
Basic rental car
Ghost Dust
low profile Stab vest (armour:1)

initiative bonuses
always first, (+2 for supernatural speed order) mythic speed supersedes

3 Fate points

Phase One Background

No one could be sure where Robert came from, or even why he came to Vegas, or even if Robert Parker was his real name, most people thought they knew who he was, a shoe salesman from the Midwest with a gambling problem, a small time thief from London who had to leave the UK for unspecified illegal reasons, a very select few knew him for what he really was one of the best Grifters the strip had ever seen fleecing greedy marks all over the strip, it was only natural that the Harpers would get interested in him, unfortunately for them for them it’s not all about the money it was what he had been this gave him the In he had been waiting for.

Phase 2 Rising conflict

He had been planning to take on the ruling family of Las Vegas for a while now, and he finally had the chance, over the years he had managed to ferret out several secrets that almost no-one out side of the Harpers knew, the fact that they had all moved over to the US from Greece, where they occupied a similar niche though known as the Harpakti, after the War and ha almost immediately sequestered themselves in the dark heart of a growing Vegas where they remained until this day still lead by the man who apparently lead them form Greece Adriano Harpakti , unfortunately despite all his careful planning there was one quite big thing he didn’t know, they were vampires, if he had even the slightest inkling of the supernatural before this he may have even figured it out before it was too late. The scheme was going so well he had managed to worm his way into the trust of a minor member of the Harpers, a distant cousin of the mainline but still powerful in his own right unfortunately as Robert was leaving with the $500,000 that Andrew Harper was lead to belive whould allow him to increase his standing within his family some sort of spell seemed to break and suddenly Robert was lying on a bed in what looked for all the world like a Hospital, just lit with candles. Weeks passed and as he got stronger the of monks of the Order of the luminous eagle began to explain, the Harper where what was known as white court vampires, supernatural entities which feed on emotions, the case or house Harpakti, the emotion was greed, and they had been feeding off him for hours before the tail the order had on him had been able to break him out of their grasp, it was a blessing that they had been able to save him at all.

Phase 3 the story ‘Time to roll the Dice’

Years passed since the day Robert was rescued be the order and in the years that had followed he had learned much about himself, the world around him and the order. The order was founded during the 1400’s when a small group of people in the church realised much more needed to be to be protect people from the supernatural, and while the knights of the cross did and good job there were only three of them at best and they weren’t exactly low profile, so one of them known only to history as the eagle, thought to have at least a moderate magical talent founded the order, and with these words the philosophy of the order was established, ‘we work in the dark to defend the light’. The eagle also left several weapons, and before sending him back to Vegas, to deal with both his enemies and the resurgence of the orders ancient enemy, as well as to fight the corruption endemic to the City they gavehim the strongest of them the Blade of Aquila. How will the Harpers react when they know the one who got away is swimming straight for them, and the orders old enemy has resurfaced in the guise the shadow hills Baptist church but what threat can a single church possibly be .

Phase 4 Guest Starring Part 1 Mike power’s Story

My first thought upon arriving in Las Vegas, was that I needed some backup even with my new weapon and training I wasn’t up too taking on the whole Harper organisation, let alone put a stop to the schemes of the other houses of the white court. Luckily for me, the Orders contacts pointed me towards a man who had recently angered the Vamps, an ex-bouncer named Mike Powers.

Mike …well… Mike wasn’t what I had expected; he put out an outer screen of barely controlled violence. But as I got to know him over the next several days he revealed a more perceptive side, almost irritatingly so he managed to see through some of my more simple deceptions.

The next week our plan went down, the target an illegal brothel owned by the Raith family, the vampires never knew what hit them. Mike burst through the front door, acting drunk and while the heavies were distracted, I snuck inside the office and began the search for any information which could help my efforts to protect the mortal inhabitants of this corrupt city.

Phase 5 guest starring part 2

Not every meeting with those who would become my allies went peacefully, the day I first met the old enchanter Alan Hardy was one of them. I had been trying to contact the Thaumaturgist for a while now, though as it turned out he had also be searching for me.

Apparently not long after I had arrived in Vegas a prominent member of the Skavis Family of the white court was assassinated, now this vamp had an antagonistic relationship with one Alan Harper so of course they blamed him for its death. As these things go it was only natural that as Alan tried to ‘clear’ his name, the blame for the killing would fall on me.

The questioning wasn’t the worst I had experienced, and he seemed to believe me when I claimed that I had never met the Skavis, and that at the time of the hit I was planning the attack on Raith brothel, and he seemed positively buzzing at the news that I had discovered Raith plans which detailed a series of schemes who’s final result would remove all power bases of the Sakvis from the entire Vegas area. I still don’t know why I lied about that last part, but I’ve got to keep a hand in somehow.

Robert Parker

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