Themes and Threats


What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Aspect: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Faces: Anaisa Pye A loa-ridden young woman

Vegas is all about the flash, all about selling the sizzle, not the sausage. But beneath the facade, you might not like what you find. Vegas is a scary place. If you dig, you’ll find something you didn’t expect.

Everyone Has A Price

Aspect: Everyone Has A Price
Faces: Mayor Goodman, City Mayor. Always works for the highest bidder. Always.

Self-explanatory, this Theme means that everyone in Vegas has a lever, somewhere, that someone can pull. Money, sex, and power are just the most obvious.

Coyote called, he wants his back yard back.

Aspect : The Mohajve Claims Its Own
Faces: Coyote, trickster God.
You push against something long enough it will start to push back, and when that thing is a place charged with as much power, both natural and mystical, as the mohajve, it pushes back HARD.


The White Court of Vampires see Vegas as an all-you-can-eat buffet

Aspect: Feeding Frenzy
Faces: Adrian Harper (Adriano Harpakti), Head of House Harpakti (Harper)

The White Court Vampires are psychic predators, preying on the negative emotions of humans to feed their inner demons. And where better to feed upon lust, fear, despair, and greed—especially greed—than Vegas? We’re adding a new White Court House that preys upon greed to the existing three (Skavis, despair: Raith, lust : Malvora, fear) House Harpakti (at least internally, they usually go by Harper in the western world)

Sign on the Dotted Line

Aspect: Deadly Deals
Faces: Mr. Morrigan and associates. Asks “What do you want?”, and gets it for you, for a price.

Vegas is filled with desperate people. And where there are desperate people, there are people willing to make deals for power or money. Fae, demons, and other entities are often willing to offer power for their own benefit – even the Mob is making a comeback.

The Shadow Hills Baptist Church isn’t just another protestant sect…

Aspect: Guns. Lots of Guns.
Faces: Frank Mitchell, Church Assassin

This Church is increasingly popular, but its ever-expanding flock hides a core of fanatics dedicated to protecting mortals from any and all threats, supernatural or mundane, with extreme prejudice! Their ultimate mission: to redeem Las Vegas from its history of vice and corruption.

Themes and Threats

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